Another Video - I'm on a roll...

Ok, I've done another quick, ugly video for Drupal. This one is Applying Patches to Drupal Core: quick and dirty. This one shows how to use the command line to apply, reverse and test a patch for Drupal core. There are few shortcomings but all in all I think it covers what you need. I figure something is better than nothing and we REALLY need help with testing core patches to get Drupal 6 rolling. Anyone, even folks with no coding experience at all, can help test patches so Get On It!

The link above goes to the Drupal handbook with all the links for downloads. Here is the torrent with the pretty download tracker image. (Note the file size is bigger on this one because it is .mp4 format rather than .mov)


Really liked, well explained!
Don't know why you are not in one of this year's DrupalCon Lullabot's sessions.

Did you use any module to make appear the last or current page breadcrumb on the video?

See you,

Hi Paco,

Well I didn't volunteer for any sessions at Drupalcon. ;-) I will be there though!

I was just using plain core for the video with no extra modules installed.