Love and Hate in my mouth

I love food and I hate food. We all have that internal list of "oh yes!" and "ewwwwww." I've been spending more and more time in Scandinavia and they have a serious love of licorice there. I detest licorice. I'm also not a fan of fish, cooked carrots (raw are fine), and what is it with raisins in baked goods? I could go on about foods that I know I don't like. Last time I was in Denmark, I decided to give licorice another chance. I haven't had it in a long time and I opened my mind to delicious, yummy candy. Man, I still hate it. I managed to not spit it out of my mouth but I couldn't control the facial contortions of torture. Way. Too. Intense. Now, that experience definitely confirmed for me that I simply don't like licorice and since that hasn't changed at all in 38 years, I'm going to go with the conclusion that I really just hate it (and maybe it just really hates me).

Weird British food

Yesterday Colleen and I went to a holiday party amongst old friends. We always do a white elephant gift exchange game as well as trivia question door prizes. This year we made out pretty well in the gift exchange department (got a stove top espresso maker and a nice tea pot) but the best gift was what I got for correctly answering (guessing) a trivia question.


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