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I love being home

I've been traveling a lot lately. Between client consultation, workshops in Providence and a trip to hammer on book writing with my fellow Lullabot, Angie, in Montreal I was away more than home the last four weeks (away 16, home 12.) Luckily I am back home in time for the autumn leaf show to be in full swing and I love taking a break to just stare out the office window to the back yard and quietly sip tea. Here is a picture of what I've got right now out my window.

Life is good.

The seven-year itch

Yay, I am at home again! It is a short-lived visit home from New York as I go back next week but the best part about being home today is that it is mine and Colleen's seven year anniversary. I've missed her a ton while being in New York so much and it feels good to know I'll actually see her tonight. She has been out of town and working hard as much as me these last few weeks so we have barely even spoken on the phone.

The summer of growth

Well I haven't written very much this summer. I have been tumbling around in the whirlwind that is my new life. Ever since the jump into a new career I have been bouncing through many, many changes. I have been in a constant state of challenge both mentally and emotionally. I can't even really begin to articulate very much of it as much as I wish I could, to even myself. I am feeling very cloddish, in both tongue and mind. The new challenges in my life are invigorating as well as frustrating and frightening.

Making the Jump

I'm on a train to New York City. Yesterday was my last day working for the Federal Government. I am leaving the safety of the civil service cocoon after ten years. I had it good there and never thought I would leave. But then a dream job materialized before me and I was faced with one of "those moments". You know, those moments that happen to "other people" where they have to make a decision that could change their life. I struggled with the great "stay safe and warm until I grow old vs. pursuing dreams" question, although not for long.

I write for 8th Graders

According to the Gunning-Fog index of readability I'm very good at writing simple sentences (we'll just ignore that five syllable word back there). I have a paltry (yet desired?) 8.91% of words that are three syllables or more. I guess repeating syllable over and over again will push that up. My Gunning-Fog index is at 8.32 which is supposed to line up with the average grade for a reader who can hack through my syllables. Don't even look at the Flesch-Kincaid Grade - I don't even get out of elementary school there.

Cool toys for Geeks Like Us (TM)

So we went to a Holiday party 2 weeks ago that had one of those "bring a gift and we'll play a game" things going on. This is that game where everyone picks a number and you sequentially pick a gift from the pile or steal someone else's gift. Neither of us is a big fan of the aforementioned game but we complied to keep it jolly. To make a long story short, Colleen stole away the bestest gift of them all - a Clapper. We took it home and dumped it in a corner. But when we set up our Christmas tree, we thought "Hey, let's hook up the Clapper." Well, we have been endlessly amused since.


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