I just signed up for a lot of work

It has been a busy week for me in a lot of ways, but one of the most exciting reasons was due to the first Drupal Association elections. Out of 57 applicants*, 11 were chosen to be added to the General Assembly as Permanent Members (PM). I am deeply honored to be amongst those 11. It feels odd to be amongst such Drupal luminaries but it certainly inspires me. I fully believe that you improve yourself by being surrounded by people better than you.

I vacillated several times when deciding whether to apply or not. It is a lot more than getting another badge to add to my footer - this is gonna be some serious work. The Association is young and still learning. There have been some ups and downs and fits and starts during the first year while the basics of what running the Association meant. The original members poured a lot of time and energy into it to get us were we are today. I have an obligation to pour an equal or larger amount of my resources into it now to carry it forward even further. This is the decision I made when I applied.

All PM, whether on the Board of Directors or not, do work in many areas to keep the ship afloat. In addition to general Association work we also have areas of focus that we are interested in and work on. In my application I specifically indicated that I have a passion for mentoring and education. Of course my involvement with the Dojo is part of this but beyond the Dojo, I really want to reach out to other Open Source projects to learn what kinds of mentoring they do, share information and see how we can work together in this arena to benefit all of our projects and Open Source generally. Being very involved in the GHOP contest has already connected me to quite a few awesome people in other projects. I'll also be giving a presentation at the SCALE Women in Open Source conference on OS Mentoring and am looking forward to chatting face to face about these goals and issues.

So basically I'm damned excited to be helping out, working towards goals that I think are important and having incredible cohorts around me. I feel this is a going to be a very big, very exciting year for Drupal!

* Sharp (or bored) readers that actually counted the applications will see that there are 62 applications. 5 of the applications though were from existing PM. PM do not need to re-apply for that status but do need to specifically apply if they wish to become part of the Board of Directors. You can read about the DA structure and get details in the statutes. Any questions about how all that works, feel free to ask in comments.


You are not surrounded by people who are better than you.

Perhaps there are people who are better at some things than you; maybe I'm a better developer or Kieran is a better workaholic or Dries is a better leader. But as a whole, I can say with conviction that none of us are better than you.

You bring a fantastic dimension to the Drupal Association. I'm looking forward to it.

When I see someone dedicated and helpful, I recognize one. When I met you in Montréal with Angie, I knew I was with two of the best Drupal pro. I learned so much that day!

Thank you for all your commitment.

- Jacques (xmacinfo)

I could probably name at least one big thing everyone in DA does better than me. Even in the money management area, I won't claim to be better than DriesK, which is the whole basis of my application.

Addi, congratulations on your new position and thank you for applying and for your commitment. Just thinking of you makes me want to run to IRC and hang out to help or answer a question on the forum or finally get around to creating my first module or submitting my first patch (at least I can now apply a patch and test it --yippee).

Your focus on education and mentoring is really important and I'm heartened that the "powers that be" understand that too and have raised your leadership profile with this new position.

Just remember to get enough sleep (I'm preaching to myself as well) -- you'll be a better mentor that way!


I find it very inspirational that you've made such a commitment. We're living in a very exciting time and your contributions have already helped so many. I'm sure the best is yet to come!

i find your blog a very interesting an intrigueing mix of geeky stuff and even philisophical stuff...i have been a passive reader sofar, but i hope i will have the chance to congratulate you for your decision...hoping to see more cool stuff from you. Jack

Its good that you made a commitment to it! Great success!

Thanks for a great article, your dedication and determination are commendable.

i read your article..the things you have written sound very sincere and nice topics i am looking forward to its continuation.

It is rare to say that you are part of the Drupal board my friend. Congratulations! Keep us updated on the association and dont sell yourself short on your brilliance! :)

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Congratulations for your new job, very well deserved and hope you will be to the best of your performance.

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