Dreaming in Drupal

It is said that once you dream in a foreign language, you are really starting to internalize it. Well, last night I dreamt in Drupal. I saw blocks and nodes aligning and snippets of php to accomplish my tasks. I felt as though my subconscious was building a new website all night long, tinkering with shiny new tools in the stillness of the dead of night.

I have just wrapped up four days of non-stop Drupal with the awesome Lullabot folks. I really do see how it works and how much you can really do with it now. Wow. I feel like one of those giddy, born-again types who has seen the light and feels energized to spread the word.

People that talk about Drupal always talk about how it is very powerful and extensible. Understanding how all the bits of code are related and how that system was intended to be used was really the core thing for me to "get it". The Lullabot team took us on a reality-based tour using projects they have built with Drupal as their examples. We used our own installs to practice some of the different techniques and tools we saw in action in those sites. The themeing part was very cool as we took an un-Drupal-looking theme and applied it to our own sites in a matter of hours.

The workshops were great not just for learning Drupal but it was a great opportunity to just chat, make connections and be entertained by the five different personalities of the Lullabot team (there was a lot of laughing). It was a really open format that lent itself to discussion and allowed for questions that were outside of the defined course descriptions while keeping on topic and making sure the core goals of the class were completed. The Lullabots truly are experts at what they do but they don't have strange pretensions that they know it all nor that Drupal is a perfect system. It was refreshing to have real people just being, well, real. The workshops felt like having a group of friendly colleagues get together to problem solve and show you tips and cool things that you hadn't figured out on your own yet.

Drupal is powerful and extensible and the community supporting it is vibrant and hard-working. Poking at it on my own I got the engine going but now I feel that I understand how to put it in gear to actually go somewhere with it. And the road is wide open.


I would have loved to be there but unfortunately it was not the right time for me. I am a small (but fat) business owner and I could not afford the time nor the layout costs to fly over to the states from Scotland to attend, what seems to have been an excellent session.
I am trying to build a drupal based site and I am having difficulty with it. There are little or no funds for this so employing a php programmer is out of the question at the moment so I am trying to do this in my spare time.
Do you know if the Lullabot guys are planning a DVD? If so, soon I hope.
p.s. dream on....

I had to smile when I read your post. Yes. What you say is absolutely true. I learnt 7 foreign languages in my life to fluency and this does not include any programming languages ;-) And it is true: the moment you dream in - say - Japanese - you really are on the very right track.

I have been dreaming in Drupal, too. And it is usually when I have a quite complicated custom Drupal module to build or a tricky hyper-flexible theme to code.

To be honest, dreaming in a programming language or in an web application framework like Drupal are not the most relaxing nights. I still prefer dreaming in the Japanese language instead. :-)

Damn, and I thought my Chinese was coming along. Will have to start watching Chinese films before going to bed!

Excellent post. Sounds strange, but it's inspiring to hear your passion for Drupal.

This is an old post of yours, so you may never even see this reply,
but, I wanted to let you know that I feel exactly the same way now.. a "giddy, born-again type who has seen the light and feels energized to spread the word."

While im not quite dreaming in drupal yet. It is nice to see this happened to one of the team of people who did it to me!

The life cycle has come full circle. I reached this post from some stuff on the lullabot site where Jeff Robbins mentioned you (Beginner you of the past, not expert you of the present!)

Heya Jeff, you know I *still* get that feeling from hanging out with Lullabot. ;-) I'm still learning all the time, so expert in some ways but a beginner in others. It was great to chat with you in New Orleans and I'm glad I was part of you getting bitten by the Drupal bug. Welcome to the crazy, fun community of Drupal.

I used to dream in shorthand which is like another language. It was rather strange but it was really something I wanted to forget rather than repeat in my dreams.

Dreaming about Drupal probably means that your brain has overloaded and it needs to release some of it in your dreams. If the dreams are pleasant then dream on.

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