Docs challenge February: cleaning comments

Thanks to a whole slew of people, we rocked the socks off of the January challenge and got the Documentation issue queue down to a svelte 125 issues. Keep in mind that includes all new issues that came in for the month too, so BIG thanks to everyone that helped out. Hopefully we can stay on top of things and continue to whittle it down through the year, so please don't stop. Can we end the year with a one-page (50 issues) queue? We can try. ;-)

With the rousing success of the first challenge, I now put before you yet another, for February. Let's keep that cleaning house feeling going and try to clean up as many comments from the handbook as we can. As of today, there are 689 pages that have comments on them. Let's knock that down to under 600 by the end of February. Comments on pages can add helpful information but it would be a lot more helpful if that information was in the page itself. We also get many support requests or comments with no real substance to them mixed in and lots of comments make everything more cluttered and harder to follow. To keep things tidy we need to review comments, then add the good info to the handbook, direct support questions to the proper place and delete distractions. There is a handy-dandy page on that explains how we approach incorporating comments for anyone that would like to get started. (Also remember that the instructions page itself is editable, so if something is not clear, feel free to make that page better.) This is a great group project for local user groups to do, even if it's just for 30 minutes.

This month finds my weekends quite full, so instead of a regular weekend time in IRC, I'm going to set aside one hour each Tuesday evening in February, from 9 p.m. - 10 p.m. EST (6 p.m PST). Stop by #drupal-docs on the Freenode IRC network if you have questions. If you'd like to get a group together to work on this and would like some guidance on hand, please just let me know so that we can try to have someone available in IRC for your meeting. You can contact me through my account or just ping me on IRC (nick is add1sun). To quickly let everyone involved with docs know about your meeting, you can send an email to the documentation mailing list. Let's keep it rolling!


Do we have a policy on dealing with support requests. On my own docs, I usually answer the question, if possible, tell the person to use the proper place in the future, and delete the comment thread once they've replied. If I'm looking at other docs, whether they be core or other peoples' modules, though, I'm not sure how to handle the support requests. If I tell them to ask elsewhere, there's a good chance I won't remember to come back again and delete after they respond. Is there any sort of procedure on how to handle this?


There are two ways to deal with it. If it is a question that can go with an issue queue (like a question about how to use a module) you can copy the comment with a link to the original page and then email the poster letting them know you moved it and why. Then delete the comment.

If it doesn't make sense in any particular queue, which is more often the case, I pretty much use this email template to the poster and then delete.