Funding for Drupal docs gets real

At the Drupalcon DC keynote I was in for a bit of a shock. After Dries had delivered the State of Drupal and its general rockingness, Jose Zamora from the Knight Foundation took the stage. He started talking about the Drupal proposals that were submitted last year to the Knight Drupal Initiative (KDI), one of which was mine, for doing Drupal documentation sprints. I had been informed that the board meeting necessary for the decision about which proposals would win funding wouldn't happen until next week so I figured he would just talk about it to spread the word about Knight. Well, turns out he had a surprise: he had confirmed the winners and I was one of them. The Knight Foundation has awarded me $50,500 to make Drupal docs kick ass this year.

For a quick summary, the money will be spent to cover three basic things:

  1. 80 hours of my time to write documentation and create training materials. This will mostly focus on making it super easy and clear for people about how they can help our work and make it easier for everyone to use Drupal, not just geeks.
  2. Running a few focused sprints with a limited group of people to really hammer on tough over-arching issues and working on code that may be needed to address them. (More on this will be getting posted later this week.)
  3. Getting me to DrupalCamps around the world to spread the word on documentation efforts, run doc sprints and teach local folks how to run their own to keep the doc goodness rolling.

You can read the full initial proposal on the KDI group site and there will be a number of posts coming up to talk about all the good places that grant will go, so stay tuned.

I really need to give a huge shout out to a few people that made this a reality. Starting with the idea last year, Tiffany Farriss and I talked about how awesome the doc sprint in Szeged was and how I could do more of them. She tossed out the idea of the KDI after talking to Ken Rickard about it some. Ken is the guy that shepherded the KDI process and was beating the bushes to get projects lined up. His efforts to make this program happen led directly to the Drupal community getting almost half a million dollars in grant money from the Knight Foundation. At the end of the day the person who pushed this over the finish line and made my initial proposal into a real grant proposal was Jose. He (and his cohorts) worked incredibly hard to make this grant happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you too, to the Drupal community.


This is terrific and I'm very pleased for you. Congratulations Addison.

Wow - that was a surprise for you, too? The news about the awards was great to hear, but I assumed that the recipients already knew the deal before the announcement was made after Dries' keynote. I imagine that was a great setting for a surprise like that!

You should definitely come to NYC DrupalCamp7; I hear it's going to be in August or September some time. I've been to DrupalCamp twice and don't remember there being much focus on documentation at either, so it would be a welcome addition.

Count me in for discussions and coding stuff, especially regarding content-editing, content processing, and formattings.

Congratulations Addison!

You are helping the community grow larger by the day.

Question: Will the add multilingual docs? For example, will there be provision for translators to create French or any other language of any docs page?

If not, is there any timeline to implement multilanguage documentation pages? I'd love to start translating docs as soon as the backend permits it.

It was nice to see you again in DC. :-)

Congrats! I know the money will be put to good use. And it will be nice to have some kick ass docs so people stop complaning about how they can't find anything in the docs. :)


Does this mean we can lure you out to Berkeley for BADCamp in the fall?


Yay Addi! So glad to have been there at DrupalCon with you to share the news and start making it a reality. I am SO on board going forward.

@Jacques, i18n is one of the big gnarly issues we need to tackle this year. It isn't just a docs issue, but a larger architecture issue, so nothing is ready right now. It is definitely something on deck to figure out though and I do plan to see some movement on it this year. We will definitely let folks know when to get to translating. :-)

@tao, dude, totally. I'm looking forward to making it to BADcamp this year, so keep me in the loop.


Hello, and congrats for this great initiative.

Here at the newly created french Drupal association we have the translation of Drupal Documentation as one of our top 3 goals.

How would you recommend us to work on that subject ? Is there anything planned about translation ?

Thx for you help, if needed you can contact me by email.