Contributing to Drupal Slides

Earlier today I took the one and half hour train ride up to Philly to attend the first DrupalCamp for that fine city. I hope they have more! Big thanks to the organizers, Nathan and Alex. It was very well put together and the venue was great. There were about 100 people there and I got to catch up with some friends and meet lots of new faces. I was slated to do two sessions, Contributing to Drupal and then a doc sprint. I got into town a little bit late and was not on top of my game, fighting off the remnants of my flu bug. Jeff Miccolis of Development Seed kicked off the session until I got in the door and set up (thanks Jeff!) and then we ended up doing one good long session on contributing. There were lots of good questions and conversation. My slides are pretty spare, to be used more as points to talk about, but I did have handy URLs to get more information on topics, so I've uploaded a PDF of them here. Everyone should feel free to use these in their own presentations and modify them up. Anything that spreads the good word of Drupal is alright by me. ;-)

UPDATE: sorry to folks that couldn't download the slides. It should all be working now.

UPDATE 2: Steve Karsch took some great notes from DrupalCamp and wrote them up on his blog. Check 'em out if you want a little more context for the slides and the rest of 'camp.


Next time I hope they have a Drupal Camp on a weekend. Some of us can't take of work mid-week, especially with a four hour drive from middle PA...

Dr Eric

Hey Addison,

Thanks a lot for wanting to share these with us, I'd love to have a look at your slides. I just couldn't find the download link for the attachment. You have also inspired me to release the template for Drupal presentations I do for my clients in my blog. :)

Whoops, lil permission issue there, sorry about that. I've let folks actually *see* file uploads now. ;-)