My Danish Podcast

Last week I started up a new little project to help me with learning Danish—a Danish podcast. The podcast is almost entirely in Danish, so if you don't speak Danish, it won't be very interesting. If you do speak Danish well, then it will probably bore you to tears, or be so slow and silly that it'll drive you mad. This podcast is aimed at people just like me, who are in the process of learning Danish. (As a note, you should probably be in at least Danskuddanelse modul 2 in order to follow along.) The purpose is to provide a podcast that is in very simple Danish so that new speakers can follow along, while also learning the same grammatical and pronunciation lessons that I do in the process. I talk in Danish and have a fluent Danish speaker help me out and chat with me. For starters, this ends up being my Danish wife, Camilla, but in the future I intend to have other people on as well. The episodes are pretty short (about 10 minutes) and I talk about random things going on (travel, food, news, things happening in Copenhagen). I'm also writing out the transcripts for each episode, which will make it easier for a new Danish speaker to follow what we are saying, and it helps me practice my Danish writing.

The name of the podcast is Røvgrød med fløde, which is a funny, intentional typo/mispronunciation. The Danish phrase "rødgrød med fløde" is a common one to make foreigners attempt because it is difficult to pronounce correctly. It refers to a thick fruit soup with cream. It literally translates to something like "red porridge with cream." The misspelling I have in the podcast name changes this to "ass porridge with cream." Røv means ass in Danish. It is a very common pronunciation mistake for foreigners, which makes for a lot of funny, and embarrassing, sentences. There are a lot of Danish words that begin with r and are easy to mix up with røv. So, anyway, that's the story about the name. It's not a mistake.

I've published the first two episodes already, and plan to put out three or four episodes a month. There is a link in the sidebar menu for Dansk Podcast, and you can find the first two episodes listed there, Episode 1: Røvgrød eller rødgrød? and Episode 2: Vi rejser til Island. The idea is that my Danish will gradually get better, and that people who are learning Danish will also follow along as their own Danish improves as well. If you are just learning Danish, or know someone who is, I hope you find this a fun and useful romp. Feel free to leave a comment, or contact me, if you have topics you'd like to hear.