The hair cut

So, I finally cut my long hair off. I used to have a shaved head back in the day (like 7 years ago) but have grown it out for quite a few years now. Back in the spring my friend Barb donated her hair to Locks of Love and I was inspired to do the same. It gave me a reason to persist with the annoying long hair AND an excuse to eventually cut it nice a short again. Colleen has always loved my long hair so having a sense of purpose was enough to get her on board with the immanent chopping. So, it isn't back to shaved but it is pretty darned short and I am loving the feeling. I donated a good 10" of hair to folks who will appreciate it and that feels even better.


I love it! What a great style for short hair!

OMG, I loved your hair! It was do beautiful! I know it was for a good cause and I can respect that, but for selfish reasons, I wish you hadn't!


P.S. you're still beautiful ;)

Oh, My, my little girl!