Spring has sprung!

Well it actually sprang a few days ago. I've updated my site header to a nice spring tree, although the dogwoods are not in bloom here yet and most likely won't be for another month or so. You can see the state of my Dogwoods in pictures below. My cherries are starting to pop though!

Cherry blossoms
Prunus tomentosa (Nanking cherry*)

I've got more spring pictures below.

Pickwick crocus
Crocus vernus 'Pickwick' (Spring Crocus, Pickwick)
Helleborus orientalis
Helleborus orientalis (Lenten Rose)
Crocus tommasinianus (Tommies)

And the status of my Dogwoods:

Dogwood bud
Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood)

* These are not cherry trees, but Nanking cherry bushes. Great small, tart cherries that we eat right off the bush as we walk by. They do line up in bloom time with the National Cherry Blossom bloom period so they should all be in peak bloom within the next week.


A picture is worth of thousand words. Yeah! those pictures show Spring has sprung! ... nothing to say or comment :D. Great pictures. I wish you could upload larger images.