SANDcamp: It's the people, stupid

I had a great time at SANDcamp this weekend. It was great to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in a while and I met lots of cool people. Most of the time I was trying to suck them into the Drupal community. ;-) My keynote was "It's the people, stupid!" and I've attached the slides here. I had great feedback from the presentation and we had some recurring jokes from it running through the weekend. I also want to thank everyone that stopped by the documentation sprint. That was a blast. We got lots of new eyes on the docs and I got most of the demo site for the new core Help system patch set up (more on that in a day or two).

The San Diego team did an amazing job: great venue, lots of snacks and beverages, and the sessions covered a huge range of material. Of course, the general socializing and talking shop was a blast too. The peeps at the camp showed me a fun time and I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to San Diego again. Huge shout out to Joel and Beck Farris who let me crash at their place, drove me around and generally made my stay there rock mightily. I just don't believe that San Diego is really sunny all the time since it was unusually cloudy for most of my visit. The locals were cracking me up by pulling out winter coats for the 60 F weather. I'm headed home today to below freezing temps and snow. ;-)


Hey, the PDF link doesn't seem to work. Also, what if you put it up on SlideShare and then you could embed a little preview player of the file.


It downloads fine for me, even when I come to the site as anon. I am getting ready to fly back home, so I won't have time to get it on slideshare for while, but I'll try to do it as soon as I can.

EDIT: ugh, someone showed me the error and that was due to a Mint Pepper (my stats thingy) that I had disabled but apparently not killed thoroughly. Try again?

glad my error reporting skills helped out. 2009-01-26_0950
Great Slides! may use to help introduce new people to Drupal that show some interest.

Got my copy of the O'Reilly Drupal book today from amazon, thanks for all your hard work.


It was freezing!! Sure, the thermometer may have read 60F, but you're omitting the San Diego Chill Factor, which made it feel more like 30F :)

Thanks for coming Addi, it was great to have you there.