Our Newest Family Member

We have a new kitten. Meet Zoe. She has actually been here for three weeks now and has more then settled in as the new matriarch.

I didn’t wite about us losing Otto in March. It all happened quite suddenly. We finally had more of an answer for his increasingly odd behavior as it seems he had a brain tumor of some sort and his mind simply checked out one evening. We ended up putting him to sleep a few hours later.

So, anyway we went from 5 cats to 3 in a matter of 4 months. While we felt 5 was too many, there was definitely an odd feeling only having the 3 boys around (Pick, Romeo and Peanut). One of my co-workers was fostering a kitten and sent me her picture in a bid to bring us back up to 4 cats. When I saw that she was a tortioseshell my heart melted a bit as I still miss Capo quite a bit. Colleen decided that Peanut (our youngest) needed a playmate, so we went ahead and brought her home for a trial run. Needless to say she is here to stay. She has taken to Capo’s role of keeping “the stinky boys” in line quite naturally.

There are pics in the Photo section under Family.