Ack, I'm a Mac convert

Getting my new MacBook Pro has been a much longer story than it ever should have been and I'm not going to go into all of the gory details. It started by ordering one online and then two days later Apple announced the release of the new Core 2 Duo. Eh, hey that is a better machine for the same damned price I paid for the old one! Suffice it to say that I have been the owner of a new Core 2 Duo 15" MBP for two weeks now. And I am freakin' loving it. I still love Ubuntu and will keep using it on my desktop but I really am impressed with what Apple has going here.

House Update

Here is an update on the addition project for those following along. I've been adding pictures to the gallery but not really talking about what all is happening. Today they are backfilling the basement and putting the "escape hatch" into place (my contractor laughed when he saw that since in building speak it is called an egress window. I knew it started with an "e"...). So, bascially that means they will move part of the mountains in my trees back into the hole from whence they came and then cart the rest off to the landfill.

Pater hemon (cough) ho en tois ouranois

Ah well, I am sick once again. I managed to get the flu for the second time this year. I haven't had the flu for 10 years prior to this. The fever is now gone but it has moved on to bronchitis and it's just not very fun. It is however giving me time to blog. I have to say that I think the added stressors of the freelance work and the addition for the house have been enough to make me noticably sicker this year. Bleh.

Add Help to Wordpress Admin Menu

When I create sites for clients, I like to give them as much information as I can. I create video tutorials for them that show how to use their new site. I've gone about supplying these tutorials and general information they should have in various ways. What I have ultimately decided to do now is to simply create a link to a help page within the site itself that contains everything they need. This keeps it all centrally located and makes it available to whomever they would like to manage their site.

Google Loves Me, This I Know

for the search results tell me so.

I have to say that I was pretty surprised when I discovered a hit to my site for a Google search on "drupal theme building freelance" (and was pleased that it translated into my first international client). Out of curiosity I did the search and I was truly shocked to be the fourth hit, right after Ted Serbinski, who I learned drupal theming from. I've since dropped to page two of google results for that search, but I'm still pretty damned pleased.

Desktop Blogging: Ecto and Live Writer

UPDATE: I have written a more current, relevant post comparing Ecto and MarsEdit, March 30, 2008.

Always in the pursuit of more toys, um, I mean tools, I have been trying out two desktop blogging applications. What's that mean, you ask? This is software that you install on your computer that will let you write and publish posts to your online blog. That means that I am currently writing this post from my laptop and I don't have an internet connection. When I'm done and I get back to an internet connection all I have to do is publish it. The reason I am looking at this type of tool is because I am a train commuter and I do a lot of work on the train. Normally I am coding away but I'd like to have a convenient way to write posts for my websites as I think of them. Sure, I can write something up in a word processor but then I have to copy and paste all of it when I log in to my site and if I am using pictures I have to upload the pictures and add them in too. What a pain. I am also checking this out for potentially recommending it to clients who have similar needs (or just don't like composing on a web page).

We're Official

Our permits were posted on the property today while we were at work. They can now officially begin work, although they probably won't be starting until next week. On the back of the sign is a mailbox for county papers that says "Please do not touch" but of course I had to open it up and look inside anyway. Well, there were county papers in there. Whodathunk?

The Addition Begins...

Well the permits have come through and my contractor will be posting them on the property on Tuesday morning. They will do excavation and get the foundation in either next week or the week after. We're pretty excited to be moving forward finally after lots of paperwork and talking.


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