Contrast and Sadness

Well, I have now moved to the Riverwalk Westin and have begun Linux Admin training for work. It feels pretty surreal. It almost makes last week feel like a dream. It is hard to go from helping people find food to eat to hanging out in a nice hotel with a feather bed and marble everywhere. Instead of looking at a computer trying to help people eat I am now looking at a computer to do my job that brings in a salary that means I don’t have to worry about my next meal. Anyway, it is just a weird, sudden contrast that has me feeling off balance.

Some Pics

Well, the flow of evacuees is coming on strong now. Traffic is snarled throughout the city and gas stations are running dry. The Food Bank officially went into “disaster mode” today and the sense of urgency has increased a bit. We have received calls from folks that are from Louisisana and Mississippi that have had to move again. Some of the local pantries are running out of food and we are trying to coordinate getting them replenished as quickly as possible. Anyway, I have put up some pics of some of the great folks I am working with in my new, on-the-fly gallery.

In Texas

Well, I haven’t really had a chance to get online to write much about what I am doing right now and this will be short.

I am in San Antonio volunteering with the San Antonio Food Bank (a Second Harvest food bank) to help them help Katrina evacuees. The people here are exhausted and we are a week behind in processing everything because of the overwhelming flow of donations and need.

Virginia Wine Country

My mom and I did a short weekend tour of Northern Virginia wine country this past weekend as our belated Mother's Day get-away. I just want to make a few notes now so I don't forget everything from it. We stopped at a total of 8 wineries, 4 on the way out to Front Royal and 4 on the way back. We both ended up buying wine even though we hadn't planned on it. So the biggest "note to self" for future wine trips is to plan on buying. We were both surprised at how open we were to the sweeter wines since generally we turn our noses up at them.

Return of the brew

I have been on a three-year hiatus with brewing but I am just about ready to get back into the swing of things. It is summer which makes it a little more difficult, but I have a PLAN. I have gone through the shed and inventoried and am gathering the replacements and new items I need.


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