Photography Interrupted

I got off to a pretty good start with my photography fun, and then I was on the road for work, so things got a little backed up in terms of reviewing, editing, and uploading photos. I also managed to get sick as I was leaving Mexico for home, and I lost a whole day to 20 hours of travel while making heavy use of airplane sick bags. :-( Needless to say, I was distracted, and ended up missing my 365 photo that day. Ah well, I know my 365s will never be perfect, so I'm OK with that. I also just completely spaced a photo last Friday. So be it.

My Weekly Photo Technique Plan

I'm on a journey to take a picture a day for a year, and in the process learn photography. To do that second part, I'm having myself do an exercise a week related to a specific technique, or aspect of my cameras. I couldn't find a set of exercises and explanations that suited my needs, so I've been doing my own research, and finding a variety of resources with exercises to do. I'm compiling them here on my blog as I go.

Photo Week 1: Focal Length Exercises

My first week task was to just start getting familiar with my lenses a little bit by playing with the range of focal lengths I have available. In looking for exercises to do for this, I found a variety of ways of playing with focal length. Instead of just picking one, I figured that several worth trying out.

These are the three different exercises I did:

Tap, tap. Is this thing on? (Also, a new 365 project)

Wow, it's been over TWO years since I've posted anything here. I mean... Damn, that's a long time. Well, I'm here to blow the dust off this thingy, and speak to the webs in more than 140 characters again. I've decided to tackle another 365 photo project (a photo a day for one year). I did this many years ago, and found it to be a fascinating tracking of my life.

Making space

I don't feel like I do enough. Not an uncommon thing to feel in this day and age. I spent the last several years gunning hard, and I burnt out. My focus has been on work, travel, and the open source community of Drupal, but everyone has their own do, do, do demons. My main demon is the Drupal community. I feel like I should be pouring all of my spare energy into it, or if not there, then surely there are other practical things I should be doing with that time and energy, but I find that I simply do not. Perhaps that means I shouldn't....

Rhubarb Sorbet (Rababersorbet)

I loves me some rhubarb. We had a bunch of fresh rhubarb from Camilla's garden and I'd been happily consuming rhubarb muffins. We were getting ready to go away for a little vacation though and I wanted to save all that lovely rhubarb, so I did a little poking around and decided that turning it into sorbet would be a perfect little treat that keeps well. I was gleefully shoveling some of it in my mouth the other day and tweeting about it (because, well, I tweet everything). Some folks asked for the recipe, so I've finally gotten the time to sit down and translate it. This is another recipe from Claus Meyer's Almanak cookbook, so the original is in Danish.


Exploring Coffee in Rome

Last week I took a long, laptop-free weekend vacation in Rome. It was my first time in Italy and I had a blast. There were a lot of good things packed in there, from being in the middle of EuroPride to eating at a fantastic seafood restaurant. One thing that I had decided to do was to finally explore coffee. Drinking coffee is quintessentially Italian, and I figured "when in Rome, do as the Romans." I've never been a fan of coffee – I'm a hardcore tea drinker. I've never understood everyone's fascination with the bitter beverage, especially since the caffeine factor is a non-starter.

Upgrading to Drupal 7

So rocktreesky is finally running on Drupal 7. I upgraded the site a few weeks ago and thought I'd share my experience. This is a very simple blog site so my upgrade process was fairly simple and easier than it would be for almost any other site out there, although the overall approach is going to be the same with most sites. I got the site upgraded in a weekend, but even as stripped down as this site is, I had to drop features to complete the upgrade. On the flip side, Drupal 7 provided a bunch of little niceties that meant I could remove some custom code from my theme (and overall I really like theming with Drupal 7). Overall, the upgrade was pretty painless for me, but I wouldn't recommend firing up an upgrade for most sites right now, unless you have the time and resources to put some muscle into it. I'll walk through my process and some decisions I made to see why I come to this conclusion.

Sommerflæskesteg (Summer Pork Roast)

One of the first really Danish foods I fell in love with was flæskesteg. Flæskesteg translates simply to pork roast, so there isn't anything particularly crazy about it, but the Danes leave the skin on the cut so you get an incredibly yummy, crispy pork rind with every slice. I like pig, and I like crispy pig. Sold! Anyway, it isn't surprising that it was one of the first Danish meals I wanted to learn to cook. I cracked open my Claus Meyer Almanak cookbook to see what he had for me and he had yummy yumminess awaiting. (By the way, he is like the Danish food god and Almanak is one of the Danish food bibles.) I made Sommerflæskesteg med nye kartofler (Summer pork roast with new potatoes) and it really was great. It is a classic flæskesteg, but stuffed with herbs and lemon.


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