A photo a day for a year

I'm not much of a photographer. I'm more of a snapshotter. This year I'm going to snapshot my way through the year taking at least one picture a day. Why? Because I'm curious about what will show up. Thinking about my days from a visual perspective should give my mind a little bit of fun each day that moves me outside of my very text-based online world. I'm hoping it will encourage me to explore a bit more and take more chances to just stop and look around. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. I guess I'll just have to see.

Most of the time I take pictures because there is a special event or reason to and I spend more time feeling guilty that I'm not taking enough, or good enough, pictures than I do actually enjoying what I'm photographing. I have taken to just leaving my camera at home because a) it is bulky, b) I'm intimidated by all all the twiddly buttons and settings I can (should) use but don't really learn well enough to understand and so c) I never end up taking pictures anyway, so why bothering lugging the thing around. So this Christmas I bought myself a nice small, simple camera that I can slip in my pocket and not feel guilty about. While I hope this project will help me learn to take better photos and maybe learn some of that twiddly stuff on the big camera, I really just want to get comfortable taking photos regularly because I think photos are an amazing way to document things and we humans really respond to visual stories.

To help myself actually try to make good on this idea, in addition to the new camera (a Canon SD770, for the curious) I also got myself a Flickr Pro account and joined the Project 366-1 group. This is my first real "Flickr experience." Something about joining a Flickr group signifies really diving in, so it'll be interesting as I go "all web 2.0" as one friend put it. I'm feeling good about the group so far because it seems like a great, supportive bunch and there are no particular requirements for subjects so each person can make of it what they want. So starting on January 1, 2009, I'll (hopefully) be posting a lot more pictures to my Flickr account and picking one each day to add to the group pool. We've also got a little scavenger hunt going, so it'll be fun to see how far I can get with that too. 2009 is going to be a wild ride and I'm looking forward to having a crazy visual tour to look back on this time next year.


365in2009 is tempting but I need to know: is it okay if the pictures aren't very good? I've gotten used to most of the bits on my bulky camera but I'm very bad at uploading and sharing pics. My phone & webcam make the uploading easier but the pics aren't nearly as good. The pool from 2008 is intimidating.

Addison, your tweet about this inspired me to join the 365in2009 group. It's a little intimidating to commit to taking a (hopefully decent) photo every day for a year, but I am looking forward to the challenge. Thanks for the push, whether you knew it or not! :)

@steve, awesome! It should be a fun year. Glad you joined in. :-)

@Rob, well I can tell you that my pictures are going to be rubbish and hopefully get better over the year. I mean, I really am just a snapshotter. There are definitely people in the group who take photography seriously and have great shots. I'm joining for me and challenging myself to record my story. Yes, that is a huge challenge to not feel like an idiot compared to really good photographers (I've got issues - don't we all?) but I do get the sense that encouragement and support are the mainstays of this group rather than competition.

This year I am planning on taking 365 self-portraits and writing 365 haikus. The more I talk about it, the more I wonder what I have gotten myself into. Good luck. You can do it! And great work with documentation, as always.


I joined and have 2 shots up so far. Setting my desktop background daily to my photo too. Thanks for the encouragement.

It is nice to know you have other folks who are as crazy as you are. :-p

@zzolo, wow, that is a lot. I mean, um, you will rock it! (The haikus are what scare me.)

@Rob, awesome! Drupal representing on Flickr. You, myself and Steve should totally meet up at DrupalCon, have a drink and share photo war stories.

I know I am late to the party, but my camera is getting dusty, so I think I will try to keep up for the rest of the year :)

Why did we not do this?? :) Missed opportunities! Next DrupalCon....