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Nice menus getting nicer

Nice menus is a great little module for creating dropdown and flyout menus in your Drupal site. My time to be a good maintainer for it varies wildly so it often sits dormant for long periods. Last week, during the Thanksgiving holiday, I dove back into the issue queue and after fixing a few bugs I spent most of my time playing with new features. The main things that I am excited about are things that will hopefully make version 2 of Nice menus, well, a little nicer.

Sprints moving Drupal forward

I have finally finished my formal grant proposal to the Knight Foundation to fund documentation sprints for Drupal. (You can read the original community proposal on the Knight Drupal Initiative group page.) The basic idea is that there is a lot of work to be done and getting people together throughout the year, around the world, would accelerate the documentation work needed to really make Drupal more accessible to people.

Contributing to Drupal Slides

Earlier today I took the one and half hour train ride up to Philly to attend the first DrupalCamp for that fine city. I hope they have more! Big thanks to the organizers, Nathan and Alex. It was very well put together and the venue was great. There were about 100 people there and I got to catch up with some friends and meet lots of new faces. I was slated to do two sessions, Contributing to Drupal and then a doc sprint.

In My Headphones: Hoots and Hellmouth

Last week I had a work trip up to Penn State University for a few days. It is so close (only three hours by car) that it made more sense for me to drive up than fly. I twiddled with the radio for a while before I finally gave up and popped in a CD. I ended up sticking in one that I haven't listened to for a while, which Colleen and I picked up after seeing the band live last year. We'd never heard of the opener for the band we went to see, Po' Girls. Hoots and Hellmouth not only warmed up the crowd but got everyone up on their feet and stomping along. They are an amazing live band. They dropped a board on the floor and stomped, clapped, danced, played and sang 'til the crowd couldn't help itself. The music is indie rock where you can feel the country/bluegrass/gospel roots right under your feet. The shows are tent revivals for rockers.

There is more to the web than Drupal

Now, obviously, I'm going to Do it With Drupal, because I work for Lullabot. I also think that it will be a great event for people to learn about many, many aspects of Drupal all in one place and I look forward to hanging out with folks and sharing the Drupal love. But, I have to admit my real personal excitement about this - all the non-Drupal presentations. Seriously, I hope my work schedule there doesn't have me miss too many presentations that I really want to make.

Some site stats

Just because I find this kind of thing interesting to me, I'm posting up some stats from my site. I wanted a place to just sort of capture a snapshot and putting it on the blog seems to make sense. This is not a heavy traffic site; the average total hits on the site are about 1800 a month, though this month I will go over 3000. (I've been getting more traffic recently due posts about my becoming doc lead and being a featured speaker on the Drupalcon DC site.) I am not combing server logs or using anything like Google Analytics, I use a program called Mint.

What Drupal documentation means to me

Last Friday Dries announced that Steven Peck (sepeck) had decided to step back from his leadership role on the documentation team. Steven and Dries asked me to step into those big shoes and I accepted. All I can say is that I am glad that Steven isn't going away. :-) I'm honored that two people I respect so much have thought me worthy of this title. I will definitely hearken back to the many lessons I have learned from them both and strive to not disappoint.

Drupal docs on the move

I've been involved with the Drupal Documentation team, at varying levels of time and interest, for a while now. It was my first foray to getting involved with the community and I think it is a common entry point for many "non-coders" and people that may code but are hesitant to jump into the fray of Open Source development. Even as I've been immersed in the community and code, I still have a strong draw towards documentation.