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Spring has sprung!

Well it actually sprang a few days ago. I've updated my site header to a nice spring tree, although the dogwoods are not in bloom here yet and most likely won't be for another month or so. You can see the state of my Dogwoods in pictures below. My cherries are starting to pop though!

Cherry blossoms
Prunus tomentosa (Nanking cherry*)

I've got more spring pictures below.

New theme

I've finally gotten some time to finish up my new theme for rocktreesky. Obviously it follows the naming of the site but it also just feels a lot more like home to me. I'm not the best at graphics but the new header is close enough to the picture in my mind that I'll be happy with it. Right now the tree is in winter display but spring is less than a week away so I will be updating the header to have a spring tree soon. I also plan to eventually create a night sky that will show when it is night time at home.

DrupalCon Boston Redux

Wow, what a week. Lots of people, lots of ideas and even some good work done to boot. Unfortunately I ended up missing half of DrupalCon due to catching a flu bug late on Saturday night that kept me away from Boston until Tuesday and left me pretty much wiped out for the rest of the week. Luckily my presentation on Contributing to Drupal was scheduled for Thursday and I got myself together enough to carry forward with it.

Upgraded, moved and lookin' plain

Drupal 6 was officially released on Wednesday, February 13 and I have now upgraded the site. At the same time I also moved my site off of shared hosting onto my new VPS with Slicehost. I had set the server up around the holidays and have been cleaning up other servery things before I finally made the move. The most important thing that delayed the move was email. I have no intention of running my own mail server - it's too important to me and Colleen.


I am currently in L.A. for work. Actually the work week just ended and I am now free to roam. Luckily in this instance L.A. does not mean the crazy city that I normally associate with it, but rather we were doing workshops at a seaside hotel in Redondo Beach. During the week the ocean and seals were background noise and brief interludes. Today I am waiting for a ride from an old friend and I have no where to be. I have tons of things I could/should do but that Sword of Damocles feeling has been suspended.

I just signed up for a lot of work

It has been a busy week for me in a lot of ways, but one of the most exciting reasons was due to the first Drupal Association elections. Out of 57 applicants*, 11 were chosen to be added to the General Assembly as Permanent Members (PM). I am deeply honored to be amongst those 11. It feels odd to be amongst such Drupal luminaries but it certainly inspires me. I fully believe that you improve yourself by being surrounded by people better than you.

The Drupal Dojo needs you! (Yes you!)

Just over a year ago Josh Koenig started up a little group on called the Drupal Dojo. He thought mentoring a few folks in the Drupal way would be a good way to pay back some karma. Well that little group is now up to 1073 subscribers and has its own website at Josh started a Really Big Thing that has turned out to be a Wonderful Thing in the Drupal world.

Build a future with GHOP

It has been one month since Google announced their new Open Source program, the GHOP contest (Google Highly Open Participation.) Angie Byron has written up some great progress reports on her website and on I have to say that I have been pretty blown away by the students we've been able to work with. Back before the contest was announced there were only a few of us who knew about it and were trying to come up with an initial task list.

Weird British food

Yesterday Colleen and I went to a holiday party amongst old friends. We always do a white elephant gift exchange game as well as trivia question door prizes. This year we made out pretty well in the gift exchange department (got a stove top espresso maker and a nice tea pot) but the best gift was what I got for correctly answering (guessing) a trivia question.

The hair cut

So, I finally cut my long hair off. I used to have a shaved head back in the day (like 7 years ago) but have grown it out for quite a few years now. Back in the spring my friend Barb donated her hair to Locks of Love and I was inspired to do the same. It gave me a reason to persist with the annoying long hair AND an excuse to eventually cut it nice a short again. Colleen has always loved my long hair so having a sense of purpose was enough to get her on board with the immanent chopping. So, it isn't back to shaved but it is pretty darned short and I am loving the feeling. I donated a good 10" of hair to folks who will appreciate it and that feels even better.