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I love being home

I've been traveling a lot lately. Between client consultation, workshops in Providence and a trip to hammer on book writing with my fellow Lullabot, Angie, in Montreal I was away more than home the last four weeks (away 16, home 12.) Luckily I am back home in time for the autumn leaf show to be in full swing and I love taking a break to just stare out the office window to the back yard and quietly sip tea. Here is a picture of what I've got right now out my window.

Life is good.

Reacting to sexism

Earlier today on #drupal (the main Drupal IRC channel for those that don't know) a conversation erupted about sexism. It was precipitated by a statement from one person to another in the channel and it did get talked out and basically resolved. Generally I have to say that Drupal has what I find to be a surprisingly low occurrence of sexism, especially for the tech world, so this isn't a "sexism is rampant in Drupal" post. Not at all. This is more of a "some thoughts about handling sexism" post.

The seven-year itch

Yay, I am at home again! It is a short-lived visit home from New York as I go back next week but the best part about being home today is that it is mine and Colleen's seven year anniversary. I've missed her a ton while being in New York so much and it feels good to know I'll actually see her tonight. She has been out of town and working hard as much as me these last few weeks so we have barely even spoken on the phone.

The summer of growth

Well I haven't written very much this summer. I have been tumbling around in the whirlwind that is my new life. Ever since the jump into a new career I have been bouncing through many, many changes. I have been in a constant state of challenge both mentally and emotionally. I can't even really begin to articulate very much of it as much as I wish I could, to even myself. I am feeling very cloddish, in both tongue and mind. The new challenges in my life are invigorating as well as frustrating and frightening.

Google is weird

OK, so I was looking at my site stats and came across a hit to the site that came from a Google search for tar papered home. My first reaction was WTF? I clicked on the search and sure enough I am the number one hit on Google. It leads to the home category on the site where I mentioned in a post that the new roof connection was ready for the coming rain.

Making the Jump

I'm on a train to New York City. Yesterday was my last day working for the Federal Government. I am leaving the safety of the civil service cocoon after ten years. I had it good there and never thought I would leave. But then a dream job materialized before me and I was faced with one of "those moments". You know, those moments that happen to "other people" where they have to make a decision that could change their life. I struggled with the great "stay safe and warm until I grow old vs. pursuing dreams" question, although not for long.

Finally on Drupal

Well, as you can see the site looks pretty different. I have finally moved on to Drupal and since it is my new bread and butter, it is only fitting. ;-) This is a barebones site for the time being with just my old journal entries. I will fill out a few more things over the next few weeks but all of the rocktreesky freelance stuff is gone since I am no longer offering those services.

Site shake up

Well, this is a quick note that I will be moving servers and changing the site over to Drupal in the next week. Since the whole site will be changing due to my stopping freelance work and I don't have time to set up a nice, new site with Drupal it is going to be a generic install for the time being. As long as all my data gets moved over safely, I'll be happy.

w00t! to good things a'comin'...

Clean your Code

Yes, another video: Code Cleanup with Coder module. This time I was doing some code cleanup for the pathauto module in Drupal and decided to capture it. I'm using the Coder module and got the module from CVS so I could do an easy "cvs diff" when I was done. This is great for checking your own code as well as helping out with core and contributed code too.

The link above is to the handbook page with links directly to .mov and .mp4 files. Here is the torrent with its nifty counter: