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Xara Xtreme for Linux

I have been playing with the new Linux beta for the graphics program Xara Xtreme. It is vector program that really is spiffy and the price is right. The Linux version is free although there will eventually also be a paid version which will have non-open source resources, like Pantone colors. The Windows version costs money but, seriously, its only $79 and for the quality of the program that is a total steal.

PHP IDEs: Eclipse, Zend and Komodo

I have finally gotten around to seriously testing out some different IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for my PHP coding. I currently use jEdit as an all-around editor and I love it. It has PHP parsing (but no fancy autocomplete stuff), FTP, project management, snippets and some really good XML plugins but the big hangup I have with it is that, for some reason I can not discern, it is totally jacked up on my Dell laptop when no AC power is plugged in.

Dreaming in Drupal

It is said that once you dream in a foreign language, you are really starting to internalize it. Well, last night I dreamt in Drupal. I saw blocks and nodes aligning and snippets of php to accomplish my tasks. I felt as though my subconscious was building a new website all night long, tinkering with shiny new tools in the stillness of the dead of night.

Meditation in Motion

Here is my new favorite toy: an indoor rowing machine. I had never used one of these before and my trainer at the gym plopped me on it at the end of my workout for the day. I totally loved it, even though I was tired from lifting already. The rhythm of it felt very natural and relaxed even though I was working hard. It is a great all-around body workout and, at least for me, a very meditative movement - sort of a "rowing meditation" akin to walking meditation.

Learning with some masters

I will be attending a four-day workshop on the Drupal CMS offered by Lullabot, a group of Drupal masters, in August. I have already figured out a lot of "the Drupal way" by working with it on my own but I really look forward to the prime opportunity to actually discuss specific questions and issues with folks who really understand the guts of the code. I'm excited about what I will be able to bring to my projects after these four days.

I Talk Good

Here is site that is great for getting all riled up over language, Common Errors in English. One of my favorite parts is the Non-Errors page. I am certainly not the grammarian that I was raised to be but boy-howdy there are some errors out there that just really get under my skin. One phrase that makes me nuts is "Could care less" since I have actually found myself saying it!

In My Headphones: Imogen Heap

I am not into music to the same degree I used to be years ago but I do have a nice big 30GB mp3 player that has a full range of music on it that I use for the commute back and forth to the big city. Now, I occasionally I go to random mode or even genre but most of the time I scroll through, find an artist I want to listen to and pretty keep playing it until I get sick of it. That normally means I listen to one artist or album for at least 3 or 4 days and often a week or more. Over and over again, an hour each way, each day.

The Art of Being Sick

Today I called in sick to work. I was up most of the night with a mystery stomach problem that lasted until about midday. This morning I went back and forth over whether to go to work or not. I was gradually feeling better but I was having waves of nausea about once an hour that sometimes sent me to the bathroom. My real dilemma in making the decision was that I didn't have my work laptop with me. If I had that then the decision to stay home would have been easy.