Lommebogen Ground Rules

As I dive into blogging the Lommebogen recipes I need to set some parameters, and clarify a few things. (If you don't know what Lommebogen is, read my earlier blog post about Cocktail History.) Here are some basic things you should know:

The selection of cocktails. I'm not doing every cocktail in Lommebogen (maybe someday, but not now). I'm only doing the cocktails that appear in all three of my reference books: Lommebogen, The Savoy Cocktail Book, and the Café Royal Cocktail Book. That tallies up to 43 cocktails.

Book Review: Front End Drupal

Front End DrupalI managed to get my hands on a pre-release version of a new Drupal book that just came out this week. The book is Front End Drupal and it is written by Emma Jane Hogbin and Konstantin Kaefer. The book says on the cover, Designing, Theming, Scripting, and I'm excited to see another book that really gets into Drupal 6 theming. When we, at Lullabot, wrote Using Drupal and we had to draw the line at a basic intro to theming, I was looking for a book to carry that forward. Since I am lucky enough to have myself a copy and found some time to sit down and read it, I thought I'd share my thoughts for those that may be trying to decide whether to order it (short answer is "yes").

Learning About Leaders

I am not a great follower of politics nor of modern history (modern meaning anything after the Roman Empire, ;-) I'm an ancient history freak). I've been fascinated by Barack Obama, not just from the plain emotional freedom from the Bush years he represents, but also his steady rise as a leader in my mind. By that I mean the way in which he made myself and many, many other people believe that he is a leader for me. What makes great leaders? What makes people rally and believe in an individual, faults and all? This doesn't just happen in politics, though that is a great stage.

The quest for fiction

Now that the Drupal book I am helping co-author is off to the editors, I'm finding a desire to read again in my newly (and temporarily) free evenings. I'm definitely in an escapist mood, so I've turned to good ole scifi and fantasy fiction. The only problem is that I am a finicky reader. Everyone has their own flavor or pickiness when it comes to books I think. It doesn't help that I can't articulate what I like or don't like very well.

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