In the last month or so I had a period where I felt things going into a bit of a tailspin. It is a cyclical thing where life just feels overwhelming, out of control, meaningless even. I spent almost a week feeling down in the dumps and like I was letting everyone around me down. I didn't know what to do "about it" so I just sat with it, really poking at it for a few days. By the end of the week I had come to accept some things about myself and life. I'll forget them and eventually, around some other corner, I'll meet the dip in the road again.

The summer of growth

Well I haven't written very much this summer. I have been tumbling around in the whirlwind that is my new life. Ever since the jump into a new career I have been bouncing through many, many changes. I have been in a constant state of challenge both mentally and emotionally. I can't even really begin to articulate very much of it as much as I wish I could, to even myself. I am feeling very cloddish, in both tongue and mind. The new challenges in my life are invigorating as well as frustrating and frightening.

Meditation in Motion

Here is my new favorite toy: an indoor rowing machine. I had never used one of these before and my trainer at the gym plopped me on it at the end of my workout for the day. I totally loved it, even though I was tired from lifting already. The rhythm of it felt very natural and relaxed even though I was working hard. It is a great all-around body workout and, at least for me, a very meditative movement - sort of a "rowing meditation" akin to walking meditation.

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