Our Newest Family Member

We have a new kitten. Meet Zoe. She has actually been here for three weeks now and has more then settled in as the new matriarch.

I didn’t wite about us losing Otto in March. It all happened quite suddenly. We finally had more of an answer for his increasingly odd behavior as it seems he had a brain tumor of some sort and his mind simply checked out one evening. We ended up putting him to sleep a few hours later.

My Sweet Baby Girl

Today we had to put my baby girl Capo to sleep due to kidney failure. She would have been 13 on Monday. I raised her from a tiny ball of fur that fit in my one hand. Taken from her mother too young, I weened her on corn flakes and milk. She was the queen of this house and kept “the stinky boys” in line from her LazyBoy throne. We had many, many names for her as happens with pets over time. The most common of late was Moop or Moodgehead.

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