Rise up! Rise up!

I am pretty big into baking. I love to start a day off with some fresh scones or whip up jalapeño cornbread for dinner. I do make yeast breads, but I spend most of my baking time making "quick" breads, those baked yummies that rely on baking powder and/or soda for leavening rather than the full action of yeast. One thing that I make everywhere I go is pancakes, which, while not baking, certainly relies on the same technique for getting that fluff. I have a basic recipe that just lives in my head and I can pull it together just about anywhere if I can get at the ingredients. When I first got to Ireland I was given pause though, because the flour in the kitchen was self-rising flour. I frowned. I'll mix my own leavening, thank-you-very-much. So, I went down to the store to get some "regular" flour and I discovered that in Ireland, self-rising is the norm. Whoa. I had to hunt around for anything that didn't say self-rising, and even when I did find that, I needed to read the ingredients because they would still have baking soda in them.

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