My Danish Podcast

Last week I started up a new little project to help me with learning Danish—a Danish podcast. The podcast is almost entirely in Danish, so if you don't speak Danish, it won't be very interesting. If you do speak Danish well, then it will probably bore you to tears, or be so slow and silly that it'll drive you mad. This podcast is aimed at people just like me, who are in the process of learning Danish.

All the Danish you need to know

I am repeatedly asked why I am bothering to learn Danish, even though I am living here for the summer. Many Danes seem to find it endearing, funny, and slightly puzzling. Unless you plan to actually settle down here permanently, there is really no reason to. There are plenty of expats from all sorts of places who live here for years and never learn Danish. English is simply enough, at least if you live in or near Copenhagen. Just walking down the street, you'll even see some signs in English. (For those following along for Drupalcon, I should also point out that no matter where Drupalcon is held in the world, as an international conference, it is always held completely in English.)

Pater hemon (cough) ho en tois ouranois

Ah well, I am sick once again. I managed to get the flu for the second time this year. I haven't had the flu for 10 years prior to this. The fever is now gone but it has moved on to bronchitis and it's just not very fun. It is however giving me time to blog. I have to say that I think the added stressors of the freelance work and the addition for the house have been enough to make me noticably sicker this year. Bleh.

I Talk Good

Here is site that is great for getting all riled up over language, Common Errors in English. One of my favorite parts is the Non-Errors page. I am certainly not the grammarian that I was raised to be but boy-howdy there are some errors out there that just really get under my skin. One phrase that makes me nuts is "Could care less" since I have actually found myself saying it!

I write for 8th Graders

According to the Gunning-Fog index of readability I'm very good at writing simple sentences (we'll just ignore that five syllable word back there). I have a paltry (yet desired?) 8.91% of words that are three syllables or more. I guess repeating syllable over and over again will push that up. My Gunning-Fog index is at 8.32 which is supposed to line up with the average grade for a reader who can hack through my syllables. Don't even look at the Flesch-Kincaid Grade - I don't even get out of elementary school there.

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