To Be A Geek - Geek Girl Meetup CPH

This Friday I am returning briefly to my favorite city, Copenhagen, only to shoot off again and go on vacation for the first time in years (that's a whole post in and of itself). On Saturday it turns out that there will be a event called Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen (in Danish). There was such a huge response that the organizers had to close registration until they could find a larger venue. Hell yeah!

I signed up out of reflex even though it will be largely in Danish (um, jeg taler ikke Dansk?). I mean, I'm a geek. And I'm a girl. And all of the geek girls I know in Copenhagen are going too (and apparently a ton who I don't know). Even if I can't understand many of the sessions, I'll be spending my time chatting up with other girls who identify as geeks. Then today, one of those friends, Mary, went ahead and posted something thoughtful about it all, passing on Henriette Weber's blog baton. I do indeed have some thoughts on geekiness. (Jeez, Mary, making me blog and all.)


In the last month or so I had a period where I felt things going into a bit of a tailspin. It is a cyclical thing where life just feels overwhelming, out of control, meaningless even. I spent almost a week feeling down in the dumps and like I was letting everyone around me down. I didn't know what to do "about it" so I just sat with it, really poking at it for a few days. By the end of the week I had come to accept some things about myself and life. I'll forget them and eventually, around some other corner, I'll meet the dip in the road again.

Writing Open Source Conference

Doing documentation in open source is often hard, doing it well is even harder. All projects have to struggle with this in some way and, in true open source community spirit, why don't we get together and help each other? I'm excited to spread the word that the open source world is going to get its very own documentation conference. I've been in on a new conference/unconference/sprint being planned for this June up in the great province of Ontario, Canada, called Writing Open Source. The idea was born last fall between a few conversations that Emma Jane Hogbin had with myself and Belinda Lopez. Emma was all crazy-talking about a whole conference just focusing on documentation and I couldn't resist such an awesome idea. Then the talking turned into planning, we got a space (in a library, no less!), some totally awesomely delicious catering, a domain name and now registration is open!

Learning About Leaders

I am not a great follower of politics nor of modern history (modern meaning anything after the Roman Empire, ;-) I'm an ancient history freak). I've been fascinated by Barack Obama, not just from the plain emotional freedom from the Bush years he represents, but also his steady rise as a leader in my mind. By that I mean the way in which he made myself and many, many other people believe that he is a leader for me. What makes great leaders? What makes people rally and believe in an individual, faults and all? This doesn't just happen in politics, though that is a great stage.

My Brain is full from Doing it with Drupal

We wrapped up Do it with Drupal (DIWD [dūd] to those in the know) a few days ago and after slogging through email and catching up on the rest of life, I've had some time to begin digesting it all. Spoiler: it was awesome. I say that as an attendee and as a worker-bee. On the worker-bee side there are lots of reasons that I didn't want to run screaming and crying into the night, mostly due to great work by our organizing team. On the attendee side, I got to see lots of great presentations and chat with really interesting folks.

I just signed up for a lot of work

It has been a busy week for me in a lot of ways, but one of the most exciting reasons was due to the first Drupal Association elections. Out of 57 applicants*, 11 were chosen to be added to the General Assembly as Permanent Members (PM). I am deeply honored to be amongst those 11. It feels odd to be amongst such Drupal luminaries but it certainly inspires me. I fully believe that you improve yourself by being surrounded by people better than you.

The Drupal Dojo needs you! (Yes you!)

Just over a year ago Josh Koenig started up a little group on groups.drupal.org called the Drupal Dojo. He thought mentoring a few folks in the Drupal way would be a good way to pay back some karma. Well that little group is now up to 1073 subscribers and has its own website at http://drupaldojo.com. Josh started a Really Big Thing that has turned out to be a Wonderful Thing in the Drupal world.

Build a future with GHOP

It has been one month since Google announced their new Open Source program, the GHOP contest (Google Highly Open Participation.) Angie Byron has written up some great progress reports on her website and on drupal.org. I have to say that I have been pretty blown away by the students we've been able to work with. Back before the contest was announced there were only a few of us who knew about it and were trying to come up with an initial task list.

Dreaming in Drupal

It is said that once you dream in a foreign language, you are really starting to internalize it. Well, last night I dreamt in Drupal. I saw blocks and nodes aligning and snippets of php to accomplish my tasks. I felt as though my subconscious was building a new website all night long, tinkering with shiny new tools in the stillness of the dead of night.


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