Learning with some masters

I will be attending a four-day workshop on the Drupal CMS offered by Lullabot, a group of Drupal masters, in August. I have already figured out a lot of "the Drupal way" by working with it on my own but I really look forward to the prime opportunity to actually discuss specific questions and issues with folks who really understand the guts of the code. I'm excited about what I will be able to bring to my projects after these four days.

PNG transparency in IE

I finally managed to get all of my PNG graphics working properly in IE. For those that don't know, IE (Win) does not support transparency in PNG images. The welcome box on my home page and the "frosty" bar in the header are examples of a PNG with transparency - you can see the background through the image. Microsoft has a workaround that involves a little code and a lot of finding just the right mojo to make it all happen the way you intend. There are many variations out there. A quick search of "IE PNG" on Google will bring you lots of love.


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