Photography Interrupted

I got off to a pretty good start with my photography fun, and then I was on the road for work, so things got a little backed up in terms of reviewing, editing, and uploading photos. I also managed to get sick as I was leaving Mexico for home, and I lost a whole day to 20 hours of travel while making heavy use of airplane sick bags. :-( Needless to say, I was distracted, and ended up missing my 365 photo that day. Ah well, I know my 365s will never be perfect, so I'm OK with that. I also just completely spaced a photo last Friday. So be it.

Tap, tap. Is this thing on? (Also, a new 365 project)

Wow, it's been over TWO years since I've posted anything here. I mean... Damn, that's a long time. Well, I'm here to blow the dust off this thingy, and speak to the webs in more than 140 characters again. I've decided to tackle another 365 photo project (a photo a day for one year). I did this many years ago, and found it to be a fascinating tracking of my life.

126 days

At the beginning of the year I decided to join a "picture a day" group on Flickr, Project 366-1. I'm not a "photographer," nor do I aspire to be. I joined the group because it seemed like a fun way to get myself documenting the things around me. I view it as a visual diary, which should be quite fascinating to look back on. I'm now just over a third of the way in to the year, 126 days, and it is interesting to look back so far. In January I was pretty fired up so I kept on track. Keeping up with a picture every day has been hard at times. For February and March, I didn't manage to do it and there are some gaps in the calendar. I redoubled my efforts in April though and managed a complete month again. The calendar archive view on Flickr pulls from all of my photos, so I set up a collection of monthly sets so that I can see what I thought was the most important or "best" picture each day. As you can see, some days were just a mark of desperation as I took any old picture, just to meet my deadline.

A photo a day for a year

I'm not much of a photographer. I'm more of a snapshotter. This year I'm going to snapshot my way through the year taking at least one picture a day. Why? Because I'm curious about what will show up. Thinking about my days from a visual perspective should give my mind a little bit of fun each day that moves me outside of my very text-based online world. I'm hoping it will encourage me to explore a bit more and take more chances to just stop and look around. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. I guess I'll just have to see.

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