Clean your Code

Yes, another video: Code Cleanup with Coder module. This time I was doing some code cleanup for the pathauto module in Drupal and decided to capture it. I'm using the Coder module and got the module from CVS so I could do an easy "cvs diff" when I was done. This is great for checking your own code as well as helping out with core and contributed code too.

The link above is to the handbook page with links directly to .mov and .mp4 files. Here is the torrent with its nifty counter:

Another Video - I'm on a roll...

Ok, I've done another quick, ugly video for Drupal. This one is Applying Patches to Drupal Core: quick and dirty. This one shows how to use the command line to apply, reverse and test a patch for Drupal core. There are few shortcomings but all in all I think it covers what you need. I figure something is better than nothing and we REALLY need help with testing core patches to get Drupal 6 rolling. Anyone, even folks with no coding experience at all, can help test patches so Get On It!

Video on Patching

Well, I've done my first video tutorial for Drupal. It is a short, ugly little bugger but I think it gets the basic ideas across: Rolling Patches in Drupal, quick and dirty. I was doing a small doc patch for the imagecache module and thought "hey, I should record this real quick." So, I did but the on-the-fly nature of it shows in the quality and the annoying cruft of email notices popping up. I don't have time to really muck with it and this is first time I've even opened iMovie so, given all that, I think it came out OK.

Add Help to Wordpress Admin Menu

When I create sites for clients, I like to give them as much information as I can. I create video tutorials for them that show how to use their new site. I've gone about supplying these tutorials and general information they should have in various ways. What I have ultimately decided to do now is to simply create a link to a help page within the site itself that contains everything they need. This keeps it all centrally located and makes it available to whomever they would like to manage their site.

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