Time to celebrate

What am I celebrating? Well my frickity taxes are done. This past year was extremely ooky in the tax department but I've got them done and two weeks early to boot. Whew!

How am I celebrating? After all that, I am kicking back with one of my favorite beers, Duvel. I love Belgians and this is the best for kicking back and raising a glass in triumph. And who better to drink with when dealing with the IRS than the devil himself? ;-)

If you've not done your taxes yet - get started! Geez. And if you haven't tried Duvel before, then you really are out of the loop.


A friend of mine got me into drinking Val Diue Blond. I absolutely love the nutty flavor, but like most exotic beers find it tough to get through more than three of them due to the richness of the beer.


I have yet to try this one; but I will see if I can grab it at the LCBO. Yes, here in Canada (Ontario to be specific) ey... we have a Liqour Control Board - these are the only stores you can purchase Imported Beeers... will see if they have this one available.