On the way to Szeged

Registration for Drupalcon Szeged finally opened up last week and I'm all set to go. Got the flight booked as well as my logistics for Hungary. For anyone that hasn't looked at the registration yet, it is really a rocking setup. First of all if you register before June 30th, you get a very nice discount on the conference admission (only 80 Euros). Secondly, the 'con team has done a wonderful job of making it easy to arrange your ground transport and accommodations.

DrupalCon Boston Redux

Wow, what a week. Lots of people, lots of ideas and even some good work done to boot. Unfortunately I ended up missing half of DrupalCon due to catching a flu bug late on Saturday night that kept me away from Boston until Tuesday and left me pretty much wiped out for the rest of the week. Luckily my presentation on Contributing to Drupal was scheduled for Thursday and I got myself together enough to carry forward with it.

I just signed up for a lot of work

It has been a busy week for me in a lot of ways, but one of the most exciting reasons was due to the first Drupal Association elections. Out of 57 applicants*, 11 were chosen to be added to the General Assembly as Permanent Members (PM). I am deeply honored to be amongst those 11. It feels odd to be amongst such Drupal luminaries but it certainly inspires me. I fully believe that you improve yourself by being surrounded by people better than you.

The Drupal Dojo needs you! (Yes you!)

Just over a year ago Josh Koenig started up a little group on groups.drupal.org called the Drupal Dojo. He thought mentoring a few folks in the Drupal way would be a good way to pay back some karma. Well that little group is now up to 1073 subscribers and has its own website at http://drupaldojo.com. Josh started a Really Big Thing that has turned out to be a Wonderful Thing in the Drupal world.

Build a future with GHOP

It has been one month since Google announced their new Open Source program, the GHOP contest (Google Highly Open Participation.) Angie Byron has written up some great progress reports on her website and on drupal.org. I have to say that I have been pretty blown away by the students we've been able to work with. Back before the contest was announced there were only a few of us who knew about it and were trying to come up with an initial task list.

Reacting to sexism

Earlier today on #drupal (the main Drupal IRC channel for those that don't know) a conversation erupted about sexism. It was precipitated by a statement from one person to another in the channel and it did get talked out and basically resolved. Generally I have to say that Drupal has what I find to be a surprisingly low occurrence of sexism, especially for the tech world, so this isn't a "sexism is rampant in Drupal" post. Not at all. This is more of a "some thoughts about handling sexism" post.

Making the Jump

I'm on a train to New York City. Yesterday was my last day working for the Federal Government. I am leaving the safety of the civil service cocoon after ten years. I had it good there and never thought I would leave. But then a dream job materialized before me and I was faced with one of "those moments". You know, those moments that happen to "other people" where they have to make a decision that could change their life. I struggled with the great "stay safe and warm until I grow old vs. pursuing dreams" question, although not for long.

Finally on Drupal

Well, as you can see the site looks pretty different. I have finally moved on to Drupal and since it is my new bread and butter, it is only fitting. ;-) This is a barebones site for the time being with just my old journal entries. I will fill out a few more things over the next few weeks but all of the rocktreesky freelance stuff is gone since I am no longer offering those services.

Clean your Code

Yes, another video: Code Cleanup with Coder module. This time I was doing some code cleanup for the pathauto module in Drupal and decided to capture it. I'm using the Coder module and got the module from CVS so I could do an easy "cvs diff" when I was done. This is great for checking your own code as well as helping out with core and contributed code too.

The link above is to the handbook page with links directly to .mov and .mp4 files. Here is the torrent with its nifty counter:


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