Another Video - I'm on a roll...

Ok, I've done another quick, ugly video for Drupal. This one is Applying Patches to Drupal Core: quick and dirty. This one shows how to use the command line to apply, reverse and test a patch for Drupal core. There are few shortcomings but all in all I think it covers what you need. I figure something is better than nothing and we REALLY need help with testing core patches to get Drupal 6 rolling. Anyone, even folks with no coding experience at all, can help test patches so Get On It!

Video on Patching

Well, I've done my first video tutorial for Drupal. It is a short, ugly little bugger but I think it gets the basic ideas across: Rolling Patches in Drupal, quick and dirty. I was doing a small doc patch for the imagecache module and thought "hey, I should record this real quick." So, I did but the on-the-fly nature of it shows in the quality and the annoying cruft of email notices popping up. I don't have time to really muck with it and this is first time I've even opened iMovie so, given all that, I think it came out OK.

A very Drupally day to ya

I've been crazy busy with a major addition/renovations to my house along with wall to wall freelance work, not to mention the holidays which always seem to chew me up and spit me out.

So this is a short and sweet post to mark two big things I'm pretty happy about. Firstly, today is Drupal's 6th birthday and (no coordinated timing or anything - pure coincidence, I'm sure) the next super-duper, neato-keen version of Drupal has been released into the wild - Drupal 5.0.

Dreaming in Drupal

It is said that once you dream in a foreign language, you are really starting to internalize it. Well, last night I dreamt in Drupal. I saw blocks and nodes aligning and snippets of php to accomplish my tasks. I felt as though my subconscious was building a new website all night long, tinkering with shiny new tools in the stillness of the dead of night.

Learning with some masters

I will be attending a four-day workshop on the Drupal CMS offered by Lullabot, a group of Drupal masters, in August. I have already figured out a lot of "the Drupal way" by working with it on my own but I really look forward to the prime opportunity to actually discuss specific questions and issues with folks who really understand the guts of the code. I'm excited about what I will be able to bring to my projects after these four days.


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