Video on Patching

Well, I've done my first video tutorial for Drupal. It is a short, ugly little bugger but I think it gets the basic ideas across: Rolling Patches in Drupal, quick and dirty. I was doing a small doc patch for the imagecache module and thought "hey, I should record this real quick." So, I did but the on-the-fly nature of it shows in the quality and the annoying cruft of email notices popping up. I don't have time to really muck with it and this is first time I've even opened iMovie so, given all that, I think it came out OK. I definitely want a redo at some point but life is a bit too hectic for that anytime soon. If it is a decent enough go, it has been suggested that it may get more exposure on the front of d.o, but it would have to move to the d.o server or a generally more robust place for that since my server probably wouldn't handle being'd for a video very well. ;)

UPDATE: Hey we have a torrent and drupal dojo illustration to go with it.