Weird British food

Yesterday Colleen and I went to a holiday party amongst old friends. We always do a white elephant gift exchange game as well as trivia question door prizes. This year we made out pretty well in the gift exchange department (got a stove top espresso maker and a nice tea pot) but the best gift was what I got for correctly answering (guessing) a trivia question.

Now I'm not just poking fun at the Brits, because c'mon we have fanny packs, which to Brits is astoundingly funny. (For those that don't know fanny does not mean your butt like it does in America. It refers to the other side.) On the other hand, this name is just wrong on either side of the pond with no cultural interpretation needed.

These people are also just going above and beyond when it comes to the serving directions (no pun intended):


that is actually quite nice though, has anyone tried it?

Spotted dick has been around for at least a hundred years and the name is deliberate, gotta love the humour. But you guys have Athletes Foot, which to us Brits is a fungal infection. When I worked in the States a work colleague name was Dick Wacker! What a guy, don't even start me on sucking on the butt of a fag, which really does mean something very different.