Yellow Daisy Cocktail

This recipe in Lommebogen and Savoy is designed for 6 people, using glasses for measurements, and so I broke it down to one drink size. The only difference in the books is that Café Royal does not include absinthe in its recipe. This looks like a nice riff on a dry martini, with some orange notes and sweetness to round it out.

Yellow Daisy

The Recipe

1 oz. gin
1 oz. French vermouth
.5 oz. grand marnier
1 dash absinthe (not in Café Royal)

The Tasting

Mmm, quite nice really. A little on the sweet side with that grand marnier, but not it isn't cloying, and is really an easy drinker.

This post is part of a series working through some of the cocktails in a Danish bartender's notebook from the 1930s, Lommebogen. You can read more about this project in my initial post, or browse all Lommebogen posts.